Concert Video Recording

In addition to just making audio recordings we have the capability to shoot and edit multiple HD camera productions of live concerts, with incredible sound of course!

How many times have you looked at video of a show and somebody is taking a burning solo but you're being shown a shot of the bass drum beater instead? I'm convinced most of the people who do music video production don't know what the focus of the music is supposed to be at any given moment so they select frustratingly inappropriate shots leaving you wishing you could see the soloist instead of whatever random shot they pull up.

We can do better! For a surprisingly small amount of money we can come to your gig with a bunch of cameras and killer microphones and give you a video of your event that will absolutely look and sound great.

Below is an example of the quality you can expect from us with several more examples available on our Video Portfolio page on this site.

Notice how the camera is always showing you something interesting that is the main thing to listen to at that moment. The sound is crystal clear because we put up about $18,000 worth of microphones for this show which was recorded multitrack and mixed after the fact in the studio for perfect balance.