Studio & Location Rates

  • Hourly rate (single hours): $100.00
  • Half-Day rate (4hrs, must be prepaid, must be used in one day): $300.00
  • Full-Day rate (8hrs, must be prepaid, can be used over multiple days): $440.00
  • ISDN: $150.00/hr (1 hour minimum)
  • Mastering services: $25 per song or $100 per hour, whichever is less
  • Live sound: 
    • Club size system suitable for banquet halls, clubs etc.: $450 with engineer
    • Festival size system to cover a football field or larger outdoor event: $3500

We can custom design live sound and live recording packages around your individual needs from we record/you mix all the way to we record and finish everything all the way thru CD duplication.

All rates are available for instant purchase in our online store via credit card and can also be given as gift certificates.

We are also happy to work with budgets for independent artists or bands looking to do large projects (full album) or small (individual songs.)

If you're looking to do an album or song project with production assistance, you can buy a "per song" package which we will custom design for you, based on your musical requirements.

Since we're in a resort locale, we also offer ‘destination’ packages that include lodging, studio time, all custom designed around the particulars of your project.

Other Services

We also offer a range of "On-Location" services for both audio and video work, with varying degrees of intensities as well as live sound system work using suitable high quality mics from the studio mic locker.

Location Audio Recording

    Stereo Recording of a live event such as a music recital or classical music concert, with full mastering: $150
    Multiple Microphone, Multi-track on location recording (price does not include mixing): $300
    Multi-track Recording with live sound services (Club size system, does not include mixing): $500

Location Video Recording

We can do one, two, three, or four camera HD video shoots of your music performance or show. Audio can be a stereo mic or a multi-track recording that you can mix later in the studio. These projects are usually complex enough that we quote them on an individual basis depending on location, length of show, complexity of the performance and other factors. Prices start as low as $200 for a single camera recital style program, which includes DVDs and CDs. We can even make BluRay HD DVDs if you like.

Live Sound System

We also have available a club sized, but very high quality live sound system utilizing the fantastic collection of mics we employ at the studio. The system is capable of covering 750+ people outdoors and is well suited for events where clarity of sound is a priority. Prices start at $350 depending on the nature and length of the event.

The system consists of a pair of PreSonus 312AI FOH speakers with two QSC K-Subs, 32 inputs of PreSonus digital mixing consoles, six independent monitor mixes on stage, fantastic microphones and a trained musician to expertly mix your show.