Here Are Some Examples Of Our Favorite Work Over The Years


Studio Recording

The great thing about studio recording is that you can pay attention to and carefully design how each layer of the recording fits together to create exactly the representation of the song that you've conceived and, furthermore, get the mix that you want, instead of a mix you end up settling with.

Here's the latest track from Heem, an up and coming hip hop artist featured on Chaplin Tone's debut album ‘Gungle Muzic.’ After coming in the backing track, we went through it and made some adjustments (such as the ‘stop the presses’ effect before the first hook comes in and the ‘shrinkage’ effect at 1:06, 1:18, 2:12 and 2:24.) From there, we ended up layering about 20 vocals and making sure that we had enough separation in the mix so that nothing sounded buried.

Here is the title cut from Vaughn & Co.'s second album. This group was a joy to record - the band had great energy, everyone knew their parts and, most importantly, they had great originals, written by Ronnie Vaughn. One of the few groups I've ever worked with that played original music all night and had a large following. (A testament to Ronnie's writing and infectious grooves.)

This was an unbelievably slaved over recording. Eclipse Movement's attention to detail, group size and complexity of the music challenged every aspect of the recording process from an extra large drum kit, a five-piece horn section, two rappers and a children's vocal group in one spot!

Live Recording on Location

There are lots of benefits to recording live performances - the immediacy of a complete band performance in front of an audience, the ability to record an entire evening's worth of material which could be 30 songs or more and the ability to choose which ones to work on for release or use it to make a gig demo that shows the range of material the group plays. If you choose your location wisely there won't be too much of a sonic penalty because you're not in the studio.

Here are some live recordings in various styles that we've made:

This was recorded live, there are no overdubs of any kind. I love how the quizzically long guitar intro fools you into thinking the rhythm is one thing, but when the bass and drums enter you realize you've been ‘had’.

This was a no-frills gig recording that was multi-tracked off of the PA console and then mixed later in the studio. Again, no overdubs of any kind. Great tune, great performance…

This was from a live show of all Beatles arrangements that Phil has done.