Concert Videos

Nothing Communicates Like Video

In addition to being a fine audio recording facility with remote location recording ability, we can also record a multiple camera HD video of your show and create a concert video with terrific sound for either commercial release or to use as promo up on YouTube etc.

Our video services are very reasonably priced from a one camera shoot of a music recital or club performance to a five or six camera shoot with lights and fog! Here are some examples of our work.

Our videos always get good remarks because being musicians first and technicians second we always make sure our videos are featuring the aspect of the music that's at the forefront at the moment. Of course we always have master-quality audio!

Akilavue: Carousel

A live, six camera shoot by Bill Gwynne and Hilton Head Audioworks at the Roasting Room, Bluffton South Carolina's premiere original music room.

A little commentary is in order about this shoot. Akilavue is an excellent hard rock band based out of the Savannah/Hilton Head area. The shoot here was from their release party at the Roasting Room but since the Roasting Room doesn't really do metal bands they decided it would be fun to arrange ‘acoustic’ versions of all the album songs, which took them months of rehearsal and the addition of a cellist!

We peppered the place with cameras, ran multitrack audio for the entire show so we could do a proper mixdown later in the studio. This was an awesome show and very challenging from a logistical standpoint but as you can see and hear, the Roasting Room is a great place to play music and make videos!

Phil DeGreg Trio: Lady Madonna

This is a live, four camera shoot with multitrack audio of Phil and his marvelous trio. This cut was from a program of all Beatles music that Phil has put together over the years.

Ohio Metropolitan Pops Orchestra: Winter Games 1988

This is one of the largest video projects we've ever done, a 50 piece orchestra augmented by a 40 voice choir, five cameras and 34 audio channels. They released this concert on DVD in 2014.

Brazilian Jazz Syndicate

Samba Jazz Syndicate plays their version of Jobim's "Girl From Ipanema"; in 7/4 time! We used four cameras for this shoot and full multitrack audio and subsequent mixdown with some incredible microphones (thanks to Kim Pensyl for the Coles 4038!).