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New Mixing Console for the Live Rig

We are pleased to announce the addition of the MIDAS 32R and DL16 stage box to our live rig, greatly expanding the number of channels we can have on a live recording or PA gig. We can now record a 32 channel live show and also provide a full PA mix with up to 8 stage monitor mixes!



New Keyboard for the Upstairs Play Room

We looked at a lot of options before choosing a keyboard for the studio. First of all it had to feel great to play and based on many online reviews and comments the CP4 received high praise for its all wooden keys and weighted action. It has all the classic keyboard sounds with lots of variation and the essential orchestral and band sound sets as well. 

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Chaplin Tone and Boss Click

Chaplin Tone - Gungle Muzic

Hilton Head Audioworks has just finished wrapping up production on Chaplin Tone's debut album, Gungle Muzic. Recording began back in July 2016 and the album features guest vocals from hip hop artists like Jozay 843, Bil-Boi, Shado and a slew of others.

Check out the latest video from Chaplin Tone's debut ‘Gungle Muzic’


Check out the video for ‘Ridin'’ from Chaplin Tone's debut ‘Gungle Muzic’

Major Upgrade to Our Audio Interface

Antelope Audio Orion 32+

We just purchased a brand new Audio Interface for our computers, the Orion 32+ from Antelope Audio. Antelope has been a leader in digital audio systems from way back, specializing in super accurate clocking systems and Analog to Digital conversion technology.

The audio interface is a critical piece of gear in a studio because every sound goes through it on the way in or out so digital conversion must be pristine at all times.

The extremely flexible routing and patching software that comes with it allows it to drive our multi-channel digital headphone system, ISDN box and provide input/output paths to some classic analog gear we have like the Distressors.

New: Multichannel Headphone System

Individual headphone mixers for each player.

Individual headphone mixers for each player.

With the arrival of veteran engineer Bill Gwynne we now have a multichannel headphone system! What's that you say? Well basically each musician has a small mixer in front of them while they're playing. There are individual volume knobs for

each instrument in the band and each player can dial up a custom headphone mix that has all the important stuff up and things you don't need to hear so much down lower. No more suffering through a session with a mix designed for someone else!