Mixing Home Recordings

One of the ways we can really help you perfect your sound and save you a pile of money at the same time is to have us do the final mix (with your participation, of course) on work you've done at home.

We recently did a project just like this and would like you to check out what a difference professional mixing can make to your music. Please check out this comparison of home-based mixing versus professional mixing and the huge improvement that can be made.

Home vs Professional Mixing: Before and After

Here's a job we got in recently. A hard rock band had done some very detailed recording work on their original music using their home setup and was thinking that they had captured good performances across the board but just couldn't seem to get the mix to sound like the groups they admired who had major label record contracts.

So they contacted us about seeing what we could do to improve their mixes and we decided that the best thing was to have them send us the multi-track project file (we both can use Apple Logic) and we would go through the tracks get up a raw basic mix with the sounds the way we thought it should be and then meet (in this case online) for a touch-up session to put the finishing touches on the mix.

So here is how it sounded when we received it:

Not bad at all but not exactly ready for world release.

So we got the Logic project from them and had a discussion about what kinds of groups they liked, what did they like about the sound of those various groups etc until we felt like we had a good understanding about what they were going for.

After spending a few hours going through their project we were able to come up with the following mix which we think you'll find to be pretty dramatically improved over the home version.

We did a whole bunch of things to achieve this great result, some of which were the result of decades of experience, some of which were only available to us because we have spent literally thousands of dollars on some very sophisticated audio software which allows us to do things that simply were just plain impossible five or ten years ago.

Regardless, we think the improvements here are dramatic; isn't your music worth the same kind of care and attention?