Live Recording at the Roasting Room in Bluffton

Live Recording at the Roasting Room in Bluffton

Live Recording

Live recordings of a group that's really hitting on all cylinders that night can be very exciting; after all that's what's it's all about (well other than the Hokey Pokey): musicians playing together to make great music!

With today's "digital everything" it's easier than ever to get a quality live recording of your group for demo or release purposes. Digital mixing consoles that can act as an audio interface for a computer remove the need for expensive microphone splitters. Laptop computers with recording software replace bulky tape machines with their mechanical unreliabilities and limited continuous recording time giving a group a clear path to recording more often, and with higher quality than ever before.

At Hilton Head Audioworks we can work with you to make really good sounding live recordings by using our knowledge of recording techniques, bringing our great sounding microphones and knowing where to put them and then our skill at mixing to get you truly professional results without having to spend a fortune or try and arrange everybody's schedules for a series of studio dates.

Here are some recent live recordings we've done. Please check out God's Not Dead (Like a Lion) by the excellent worship band at Church of the Cross and an original, ‘It's Like That’ by local guitarist Whitley Deputy recorded live at the World Famous Tiki Hut on Hilton Head Island.