We can show you how to navigate through the myriad of possibilities available to you in music software today.

We can show you how to navigate through the myriad of possibilities available to you in music software today.



You take private lessons to learn how to play an instrument, right? So why not take private lessons on how to best use your recording software and it's many software plug-ins?

We can design a custom series of lessons for you based on skills and concepts that you want to learn. Some of the kinds of topics you can learn with us would be:

  • Compression & Limiting: Understanding how it works and how to apply it.
  • Understanding Reverb and Delay: what kinds of sound choices can you make & situations to use them.
  • How to properly use ‘busses’ in your software to maximize flexibility and efficiency.
  • How to properly mic drums
  • Understanding microphones: their construction, pick up patterns and applications
  • Mixing: we can show you a very organized approach to mixing that yields consistent results, no matter what kind of music you might be working on.
  • How to correct pitch and rhythm: editing techniques that fix problems without creating their own.

Customized for your Needs

Got an important piece of music you'd like some help mixing? We'll go through it with you and show you how to approach it in an organized, thorough manner that will get you optimum results and take your understanding of mixing to a whole new level!

Or if you like, we could give you some music to work on from our large body of professional work so you can test your skills on projects that were recorded with world-class microphones and acoustic environments.

Typically lessons last two hours for ‘big topic’ projects like mixing and one hour lessons for single issue topics like compression or reverb.

Your Instructor

Lessons are handled by Bill Gwynne who has eleven years of university level teaching experience in the subjects of recording, live sound and music business.

Online Instruction Available

You can come to our facility or the lessons can be given entirely online as long as you have a robust internet connection. We are experienced in working online and education is a task well-suited to that environment.