Bill Gwynne


As a lifelong musician/engineer/producer I'm thrilled to be involved with Hilton Head Audioworks at my new home here in the Low Country of beautiful South Carolina. I've been making and producing recordings of every possible variety for the last 35 years and have literally hundreds of CDs with my name on them on the world market in every possible genre from rock to folk to latin to jazz to ambient to… well you name it!

One of the things I instinctively knew early on in my career was that only by playing music at the highest level, and learning as much as possible about the performance practices on every instrument would I be able to serve my clients at a world-class level. I don't approach audio engineering as a technician, but rather as a musician who has intensely studied the art of recording, making music the primary focus of my efforts, and seamlessly doing the engineering stuff in the background so you don't have to worry about it.

My Background

I started on trombone in the school band program in Marin County, California adding electric bass during high school. In 1976 I moved to Cincinnati to attend the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music as a jazz trombone major and continued to play bone and bass in small groups, big bands and music theater orchestras while eventually obtaining a Bachelor of Music performance degree. Years later I was hired to be a professor there to teach recording, live sound and music business which I did for 11 years.

Towards the end of college I decided that the career of recording engineering and production provided an intriguing mix of music, electronics and art, eventually opening my own studio in 1981, "Gwynnewood Recording" which I closed in 1986 in order to join forces with Group Effort Sound Studios for the next 25 years doing a huge array of projects across diverse musical styles.

I'm a recent transplant to the Low Country having just moved here in August of 2015 for what I'm calling my ‘pretend retirement’! Once I got settled a bit I wasted no time getting into it here, finding work as a live sound engineer, playing in the pit orchestra at shows and teaming up with Daniel to create Hilton Head Audioworks.

For more info on me and to hear my extensive audio and video portfolio, feel free to visit my personal website.